Detroit church drops 10,000 eggs from a helicopter Easter weekend!

Eggs dropping from the helicopter at Faith Xperience Church (Tina Hewlett, Graham Media Group)

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Families from around the Detroit area gathered to witness the anticipated 10,000-egg helicopter drop at Faith Xperience Church.

The church, located at 2260 Medbury St., hosted more than 400 people this past Saturday outside of their building to drop colorful plastic eggs filled with candy, stickers and other goodies. Families arrived an hour early, and children were lined up at the registration table with their egg baskets prepared for the drop, as if manna were dropping from heaven.

Volunteers had music booming, and young adults were dancing to what sounded like Christian hip-hop. Children had hunger in their eyes, and parents were gripped by fear, as if their kids were going off to war.

As the chopping sounds of the helicopter grew louder, children screamed in excitement as they were lined up behind cones, and volunteers ran after the children who ran out as the eggs came toppling down toward them.

After the eggs finished dropping, the volunteers announced over the microphone, “GO!” Children ran out and stuffed as many eggs as they could in their baskets.

Not only did the church have the egg drop, but they held a clothing drive, gave out free food, and had a prayer station for the community.

Family being prayed for at the prayer station (Graham Media Group)

As they passed out bags of eggs to the children who arrived late, the staff chanted “In Detroit, For Detroit,” the church’s motto. They are built on the belief that culture and Christ must connect. The lead pastor, Pastor Andre Butler, believes in making an impact on the lives of those in the community so they can have their personal faith experience.

(L) Pastor Andre of Faith Xperience Church pictured with his security (Graham Media Group)

For information on events happening at Faith Xperience Church, you can visit their website. You can also stay updated with them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also join them for Sunday services at 11 a.m.

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