Are you a leap year baby? Share with us your birthday photos, stories!

Calling anyone born on Feb. 29!

Icing on a cake. Alexander Grey (Pexels)

For anyone who was born on Feb. 29, this is a day to “leap” for joy! With this being a leap year, anyone born on Feb. 29 in past years have the luxury of celebrating their birthday on the actual day this year.

That calls for a special celebration and from our point of view, a chance to brag through sharing photos and stories!

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If you were born on a Feb. 29, send us photos of when you were born, and/or even a picture of you today to compare.

If you have a child who was born on Feb. 29, send us the same as above.

Also, feel free to share any insight or stories about being born on Feb. 29. Do you celebrate birthdays in other years on March 1 or another day?

Don’t be shy about sharing! Leap Day only comes every four years. Let’s celebrate and dominate these pages with those Feb. 29 birthday photos.

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