10 wedding trends for 2024

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The peak of wedding season is about here, and those who have spent months planning their big day are about to see how their dreams and ambitions play out in reality.

But how will weddings this year stand out from past years? Are there are any new trends?

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According to marthastewart.com, here are 10 wedding trends for 2024. They are listed in alphabetical order.

1. After-parties

If a wedding celebration is so much fun, then having another party after the main party is over should be even funner, right? Heading to another venue or establishment to continue the vows are exchanged, the cake is cut and speeches are made is becoming more of a fad.

2. Colors that are more neutral

Whether it’s gray, shades of brown, beige or cream, softer, calmer and more neutral colors is becoming more of a trend at weddings, according to the article.

3. Content creators

Why stop at a photographer and videographer? Hiring people to come up with content for social media about someone’s big day has become more common. Content creators can also help come up with written tributes that are a great addition to any scrapbook.

4. Culinary stations

Interactive food stations with chefs around making items such as grilled fruit or desserts is something more couples are opting for at their weddings.

5. Guest emphasis

While the bride will always be the star of the show, there has been even more emphasis to make sure the wedding day is a lifelong memory for guests as well. This can include more games and activities involving guests, or having guests have a greater presence in photos.

6. Non-boozy drinks

For those who prefer not to drink alcohol but just don’t want soda or juice, wedding hosts have been making sure there is an assortment of creative and different drinks available that are free of alcohol. Mocktails or non-alcoholic martinis are two examples.

7. Outfit changes

Whether it’s to get out of a dress in favor of more comfortable attire or to play upon themes throughout the night, more brides are choosing to wear multiple outfits during a wedding and reception.

8. Oysters?

Yes, you read that right, as hard as it might be to believe. For some reason, this has become a more popular fad at weddings to serve oysters, especially in a wooden canoe.

9. Retro revival

Time machines may not have be a thing, but many wedding planners are going back in time by planning various retro themes. Examples can be vintage cakes, photographers and videographers who produce a grainy cinematography look, disco balls or music played on vinyl records.

10. Themed weddings

Guests are also more frequently being asked by the bride and groom to wear certain colors or outfits for the wedding to fit into the day’s theme. It’s almost like incorporating a little bit of a Halloween costume party into the big day.

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