So close! Last cables on Canadian side of Gordie Howe Bridge being installed

American side still has four cables left to install

Gordie Howe International Bridge photos in May 2024. (Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA))

It’s getting closer!

One of the most transformative engineering projects in North America — construction of the Gordie Howe Bridge that will connect the United States and Canada over the Detroit River — is almost to another milestone.

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On Tuesday, the bridge’s Facebook account posted that the final two of 108 cables were being installed on the tower of the Canadian side.

The American side isn’t far behind, with 104 cables installed. In addition, the bridge is agonizingly close to being connected in the middle in what will be a major milestone moment.

The bridge’s Facebook account posted earlier this week that the last slab of concrete has been placed on the segment of the bridge deck construction that started on the Canadian side.

The U.S. side is working on its last slab of concrete, and then one final connecting piece will be placed to officially connect the two sides in the middle of the river as one bridge.

While the sides will be connected soon, the bridge won’t officially open until late 2025.

Named after the late National Hockey League Hall of Famer, the bridge is expected to transform the transportation and shipping industries between the U.S. and Canada, providing economic impacts for generations.

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