San Antonio-area doctor plans to open medical marijuana dispensary

Wilson County to be site of state's first

SAN ANTONIO – As the 85th Legislature decides whether to expand the use of medical marijuana in Texas,  Senate Bill 339, known as the "Compassionate Use Act," will go into effect Sept. 1. 

What is the Texas Compassionate Use Act?

As part of that act, the state will provide licenses to at least three dispensary organizations.

Retired neuropsychologist and combat veteran Dr. Lang Coleman is in the process of opening up what could be the first of these dispensaries in the Lone Star State.

“What we want to do is pharmaceutical research,” Coleman said. “We are not interested in recreational marijuana.”

If the Texas Department of Public Safety approves Coleman’s application, his company will be called Alamo CBD and be open by Sept. 1.

The company will produce cannabidiols, or CBDs, a major component in medical marijuana. 

What are CBDs?

“We will produce CBD oils for those patients that are eligible,” Coleman said. “Regardless of what the Legislature does, we intend to pursue this.”

Construction for Alamo CBD will soon begin in Wilson County between Stockdale and Floresville.

By law, Alamo CBD will have to grow the cannabis indoors.

“We will be growing and processing marijuana in completely clean room conditions,” Coleman said. “There will be no soil, and it’s all done with water and nutrients.”

If legislation expands and passes this year, Coleman looks forward to doing more research to prove how medical marijuana can help patients suffering from many different ailments.

See how medical marijuana helps autism and epilepsy patients.

“Put into legislation something that allows us to do the research, and the research that’s already there look at the signs,” Coleman said. “Don’t look at the politics of it, don’t be afraid.”

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