Reported haunted hospital investigated by paranormal group for first time

A Haunting in South Texas: Wilson Memorial Hospital

FLORESVILLE – Wilson Memorial Hospital in Floresville opened its doors in the late 1950s and was run by the Sisters of Divine Providence.

The 16 nuns in charge of the hospital live there and provided all the services for over 40 years.

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Former hospital administrator Sister Laverne Mettlach, now retired, said that all the nuns loved helping others and taking care of the patients.

When the hospital was in operation -- and even after it closed -- residents of Wilson County always wondered if the place was haunted.

In the past year, Luke Lamberth was tasked with cleaning the inside of the hospital after it was vandalized.

“You don’t really want to stay in there.” Lamberth said. “You kind of want to walk right back out.”

Lamberth said he spent three months cleaning the inside and said he heard scratching on the walls and saw what appeared to be the scene of a ritual.

“It looked like rituals were done on the walls, and there where brown marks that look like blood stains,” Lamberth said.

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For the first time ever, the building was examined by paranormal investigators, and KSAT’s Erica Hernandez and Adrian Garcia go along inside with the group.

As psychic Deborah Tudor walked through the building, she said that the hospital wasn’t empty and said sensed the presence of nuns.

“I think something is moving in here with us,” she said. “I’m getting colder.”

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There was no air-flow inside the building and all the windows were boarded up. It was very stuffy and hot, and there was no electricity.

While inside the operating room, the audio recorders picked up the sound of what seemed to be a heart monitor.

The hospital only has one floor but has several different wing. While going through the patient rooms, the voice of a man can be heard.

In past investigations, most paranormal sounds can only be heard with an audio recorder, but our cameras clearly caught this distinct voice a couple times and while exiting a room, the voice said goodbye.

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Despite everything we encountered, Tudor says that nothing dark or evil was inside -- just the spirits of past nuns who worked there and the patients who passed away.

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