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This new series explores the economic opportunities in the San Antonio area and reports personal finance stories that include money-managing tips, scam alerts, among other financial topics.

KSAT Money is an evolution of our existing “Money: It’s Personal” series. It includes all-new stories and Q&As about building a successful business in the San Antonio area, as well as those that discuss personal finance topics.

If you’re interested in business, money, tech and personal finance, follow along and learn from the subject matter experts interviewed in our new KSAT Money series. And if you have any questions or subjects you’d like to know more about, email me at

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Ivan Herrera has worked as a journalist in San Antonio since 2016. His work for KSAT 12 and includes covering breaking news of the day, as well as producing Q&As and content for the "South Texas Pride" and "KSAT Money" series.

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