Man rides elliptical cycle across country

'Stand Up America' tour includes stop in San Antonio, protests violence

San Diego native Derrick Boles said he was fed up with violence and decaying values in America when he decided on his mission, "Stand Up America."

By riding his elliptical cycle from San Diego to New Orleans, he said he would bring attention to the problem and encourage people to take action.

In all, Boles will ride 1,892 miles. He said his goal is to ride about 50 miles a day. He's now five weeks into the plan.

"I've been riding since Dec. 7. Today is Jan. 10, so you can imagine the mental fatigue that I have knowing that I have to ride every day but because my community is so important to me, I have to do it," said Boles. "It's time for us to stop allowing senseless acts to take place and we need to figure out how we can do it together and not just depend on just our government."

It's no coincidence that he's on a stand-up elliptical bike, which is definitely an attention getter.

However, Boles said it's actually a harder workout than a standard elliptical trainer.

"The reality is that it's much harder but it's good on your joints. It's a phenomenal workout," said Boles.

Boles said a bigger challenge is being away from his wife and children but he said the sacrifice is worth it because it could mean a brighter future for them.

Boles still has about still about 550 miles to go.

His journey should end in New Orleans during Super bowl weekend

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