EXCLUSIVE: Waiter who fired gun in restaurant speaks about incident

Ray'mon admits he made mistake of leaving scene

SAN ANTONIO – Ray'mon has been a waiter at the Little Red Barn a total of nine months. He's now sharing his story about Wednesday’s shooting at the restaurant.

Ray'mon asked KSAT 12 not to use his last name, but said it all started over a bit of confusion.

"He told me, ‘That's not my (expletive) drink. If you got my (expletive) drinks wrong, I can just imagine how wrong my food is going to be,’” Ray'mon said an angry customer told him.

Ray'mon said it quickly escalated, and before he knew it, he was being punched in the head and put in a headlock. He said his manager jumped in to try and help, but was caught in the middle of the fight instead.

"I fired one time. He didn't let my manager go. I fired two more times, then he ran out the door," Ray'mon said.

Ray'mon said he pulled out his gun because he feared for his safety and his manager’s well-being.

"What if I didn’t have that firearm on that day? What would have happened? I don't think my manager could have taken on those two guys," Ray'mon said.

Shortly after the shooting, Ray'mon drove away from the scene. He admitted that that was a mistake.

"I felt like I should've stayed on the scene, but a lot of things (are) going on now and I don't feel like I should of been at the scene when police came with a gun," Ray'mon said.

The Little Red Barn has a no gun policy, and Ray'mon doesn't have a concealed handgun license. He doesn't regret having the gun, though, even if it cost him his job.

"My reason for coming here today is because I looked bad. I'm not a bad person. I’m a working man trying to take care of my family," Ray'mon said.

San Antonio police are investigating the incident. Detectives are still trying to talk to everyone involved, including the customers. At this time, no charges have been filed.

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