SAPD releases paperwork detailing officers' suspensions

Department calls prank 'gross and inappropriate actions'

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department on Wednesday released documents showing why an officer was suspended for what the department called “gross and inappropriate actions.”

Bike Patrol Officer Steve Albart was handed a 30-day suspension in December. His alleged offense was defecating in a toilet in a women’s locker room on June 12 during a night shift. A second officer accused of being involved in the prank received an indefinite suspension.

The suspension paperwork released by the city accused Albart of taking part in a disgusting prank targeting female officers.

The second officer, Matthew Luckhurst, is also accused of defecating in the same toilet and intentionally leaving it unflushed. He is also accused of smearing the seat with a brown substance with the consistency of tapioca.

The incident happened after a female officer requested the women’s restroom be kept clean.

Albart allegedly bragged about his actions to fellow officers, who then turned him in.

While Albart was given a 30-day suspension, which he’s already served, Luckhurst was handed an indefinite suspension for the prank because he was involved in another disturbing incident.

In May, Luckhurst admitted several times that he placed feces on a piece of bread and gave it to a homeless person.

Luckhurst is fighting his suspension in his request for arbitration. His attorneys said he denied the truth of the charges and allegations against him.

The San Antonio Police Department said Albart has been with the department for three years. He returned to duty Jan. 19 after serving his suspension.

The department sent KSAT 12 News this statement: "This officer was suspended for his gross and inappropriate actions. The agreed upon suspension was made after meeting with the officer and reviewing the circumstances in their totality."

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