Pair charged in double murder facing charges in other murder

Police say men robbed, killed Armando Guerrero in August 2016

SAN ANTONIO – Already behind bars for a Thanksgiving weekend double murder, Carlos Hernandez, 25, and Jade Guevara, 20, are accused of robbing and killing Armando Guerrero in his home in the 1800 block of Dawson Street last summer.

Police say the pair partied with Guerrero, 23, on a Saturday night in August before killing him and taking some chains from his neck. Guerrero's mother went looking for her son on Monday, Aug. 15 and found him in his bedroom, looking as if he was shot in the head.

Though arrest affidavits and Bexar County Jail records show both men are charged in the murder, only Hernandez has been magistrated.

The two were charged in December for the murder of Charles Krone, 37, and Roger Campos, 22, on Nov. 26 in the 300 block of  Vine Street in what police believe was an argument about drugs.

By that time, police suspected the two in Guerrero's murder as well.

According to an arrest affidavit, the three men had been partying with a trio of girls that night. Two of the girls helped point police toward Guevara, who police developed as a suspect via computer research.

However, only one of the three was able to pick Guevara out of a photo lineup.

It was only after the Krone and Campos double murder that police zeroed in on Hernandez as a suspect in Guerrero's death.

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