H-E-B sends trucks, supplies to help aid victims of Hurricane Harvey

Food, water, generators heading to Victoria

SAN ANTONIO – A convoy of HEB trucks and supplies is serving up food and supplies for the thousands hit by Hurricane Harvey in Victoria.

Their mayor says there is no water service at all for the city of nearly 70,000, and little electricity.

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Carrying food, water, and generators, they headed 100 miles southeast, navigating the aftermath of what was a Category 4 hurricane to help those who lived it.

"We're going to go slow and steady, and get there as safely as we can," said HEB spokeswoman Julie Bedingfield, as the convoy pulled out of the HEB property on Rittiman Road Sunday morning.

More than 100 HEB employees made their own way to Victoria to volunteer.

The convoy brings the tools and expertise.

They have an ATM from which to draw cash.

A mobile pharmacy will fill prescriptions with actual pharmacy staff.

"They'll be able to service just like an HEB pharmacy but on the road," Bedingfield said.

One of their mobile kitchens can serve up to 6,200 meals per hour. The plan is for two units to cook 2,000 plates each for every meal.

With so many areas devastated, Bedingfield said Victoria is the best mix of need and a safe route. The location also allows them to move quickly as the target hovers over Houston

For these drivers in the convoy, it's part of the job. Danny Flores said he has helped during 17 disasters in his 23 years with the company.

After helping during Hurricane Ike and Katrina, he said Harvey is unique as the damage is so widespread, but they all have one thing in common.

"People are displaced, you know, what we want to do is to be able to just give them a little bit of hope, giving back. If it's in the way of a hot meal, or in the way of just being able to sit down and talk to somebody, we're there to do that," said Flores.

Also of note, starting Sunday, HEB shoppers can spend an extra $1, $3 or $5 on tear sheets at the register. The money will go to either the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or Feeding Texas.


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