Man who shot, chased down Sutherland Springs shooter: 'I am not a hero'

Stephen Willeford says he has not authorized any GoFundMe pages

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS – Stephen Willeford, the Sutherland Springs resident who returned fire on the man who killed 26 members of a Texas Church wants to set the record straight: "I am not a hero."

The fourth generation Sutherland Springs native said he doesn't want to be praised for defending his community 

Pamela Thompson, Willeford's attorney said Willeford believes God used him as a tool on that day to stop the evil that was ravaging his community.

Thompson shared a statement Willeford wrote nearly one week after he shot the gunman, then helped chase him down --An action many say prevented the Sutherland Springs shooter from taking even more lives.

"He believes himself to be a survivor of the events that unfolded here like a slow motion movie on November 5th 2017, and not a hero," Thompson said.

Now hoping to clear up any false rumors surrounding monetary reward for his services.

"There have been GoFundMe pages started without Stephen's permission or knowledge, while some of these may be well intended, others are not," Thompson said. "Neither Stephen or anyone in his family have reaped any monetary benefits from this and will not."

Willeford is asking that all donations intended for him, be given to the church or the families directly impacted by the massacre instead.

Willeford said he never wanted to be thrust into the limelight and said he will not be granting anymore interviews for the next couple of weeks.

He asked that the media respect that wish as he and his family use this time to heal.

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