San Antonio has third fastest-growing economy in U.S., according to report

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SAN ANTONIO – While the U.S. has seen an 11 percent increase in gross regional product in the past five years, some large metropolitan areas have encountered nearly triple the national average.

San Antonio and Austin have seen a more than 30 percent growth of GRP -- the value of all products and services produced in the area -- according to data organized by Headlight Data, an Austin based company.

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Topped only by San Jose, California at 37.3 percent growth, Austin's GRP grew 34.7 percent over five years. After Austin, San Antonio was the third fastest growing city in the U.S., reporting a 30.5 percent growth in GRP.

Dallas also made the top 5 with 26.6 percent growth in GRP. Texas' other major metropolitan area, Houston, reported a 14.92 percent growth.

Headlight Data organized data for the 53 largest metropolitan areas with populations exceeding 1 million people.

See the full list below:

  • San Jose, CA (37.3%)
  • Austin, TX (34.7%)
  • San Antonio, TX (30.5%)
  • Nashville, TN (27.1%)
  • Dallas, TX (26.6%)
  • San Francisco, CA (26.5%)
  • Grand Rapids, MI (21.8%)
  • Raleigh, NC (21.0%)
  • Seattle, WA (19.7%)
  • Denver, CO (17.9%)

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