South Texas teen takes mom to prom, becomes internet sensation

Teen says mom dropped out after becoming pregnant with him, missed prom

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – A Corpus Christi high school student has become an internet sensation after he took his mother to prom, saying he wanted to "(give) her the prom she never had."

Joe Moreno, a senior at Collegiate High School, said he's always wanted to take his mom ever since middle school when he found out what prom was. His mother, Vanessa Moreno, had to drop out and missed her prom after she became pregnant with Joe at age 17.

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"(My mom) dropped out of high school to focus on giving me her all," he said in a tweet including their prom photos.

Moreno said his mother has made countless sacrifices for him and his two siblings and that "it felt really special to give her that experience she never had."

While some may have laughed at Joe's idea, he said his friends were supportive of him taking his mom as his date.

His mother was emotional when he asked her to accompany him to the big dance. He said he explained his story to school administrators and they happily approved his request to bring his mom.

The pair took several photos, which have gone viral.

The story tugged at the heart strings of many on Twitter.