WATCH: White supremacist group clashes with anti-ICE protesters

Confrontation at protesters' camp outside San Antonio ICE facility

SAN ANTONIO – Members of a reported white supremacist group clashed with anti-Immigrations and Customs Enforcement protesters Saturday morning.

The confrontation, part of which was caught on camera, happened at the Occupy ICE SATX camp in the 3500 block of Crosspoint outside of an ICE facility.

Chanting and carrying flags, a group of at least a dozen masked people approached the camp, destroying a canopy and scattering protesters' belongings, said one of the protesters, who introduced himself as "Asher."

Asher said the attacking group ripped up some signs and took some of the protesters' flags.

Asher said the attackers were carrying flags and wearing symbols for a group that the Anti-Defamation League has called a white supremacist group. KSAT is not naming the group to avoid giving it notoriety.

Members of the Occupy ICE SATX movement have been camping outside the ICE facility since July 17. While dozens of people have come through the camp at various points, Asher said only about seven were around when the white supremacists approached, including some who were sleeping.

The video shows the attacking group chanting “Strong borders, strong nation.”

The protesters did not fight back, Asher said, and the white supremacists left after a few minutes.

"What brought them out today is that we are a threat. We are a threat to the encroaching fascist white ethno-state. They see that and they wanted to disturb us, to demoralize us. And their attempts to do that, while chilling, were ultimately unsuccessful," Asher said. "We are here and we're going to continue to be here, calling for the abolition of ICE."

The other group did not respond to a request for comment through its Twitter account.

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Garrett Brnger is a reporter with KSAT 12.

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