'Sexist, misogynistic' quote at Texas middle school is taken down after outrage

HOUSTON – A Houston middle school came under fire on Friday after a photo of a controversial quote plastered along a hallway came to light.

The quote, which read, "The more you act like a lady, the more he'll act like a gentleman," was dubbed misogynistic, sexist and discriminatory by the Twitter user who snapped the photo, @lbeckman.

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According to the Twitter user, the quote was plastered on a wall at Gregory-Lincoln Middle School.

"It's perpetuating horrible gender stereotypes, shaming women, and relinquishing boys of all responsibility," @lbeckman wrote. "It's sexist, mysogonistic, and discriminatory!"

The quote is from Sydney Biddle Barrows, an escort agency owner who came to be known as the Mayflower Madame.

The tweet sparked outrage from many.

"Another impossible responsibility to heap on our girls. How about boys behave like gentlemen no matter how another acts towards them? It’s called character," one person replied.

"This is an irresponsible and sexist message to impressionable middle school students," another wrote.

Some, however, didn't see the big deal.

"I’m a bit confused by your objection to this," one Twitter user replied. "Are you saying girls have no agency to affect the attitudes and behaviors of their peers with their own behavior? Are you saying boys need to be trained to behave properly but that girls don’t?"

Another Twitter user called the quote 100 percent accurate. 

"I don't care how this statement of fact makes you feel. The quote has stood the test of time and come out the other side weathered and strong. Get over it," the person replied.

The quote decal came down Friday evening.

The Houston Independent School District released the following statement to KSAT's sister station in Houston, KPRC 2: 

Please be advised that the quote on the wall of Gregory Lincoln PK-5 Education Center has been removed. Overnight, the wall decal letters were taken down, the wall was floated out, and new slab of drywall was installed and painted. 

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