WATCH: Dramatic footage shows deadly shootout with DPS trooper, suspect

SAN ANTONIO – Dramatic helicopter footage released by the Texas Department of Public Safety shows a deadly shootout between a trooper and a suspect in a car chase.

The video shows the moments after authorities said 33-year-old Ernest Manuel Montelongo took off after giving troopers a fake name during a Feb. 18 traffic stop.

In the video, someone in the DPS helicopter can be heard communicating with troopers on the ground that they've spotted Montelongo traveling westbound on I-10.

As the DPS chopper flies over the vehicle Montelongo is driving, the car loses a tire.

Video shows troopers catching up to Montelongo as he drives the wrong way onto an exit ramp.

Montelongo is then seen opening the door to the car and the person in the helicopter can be heard warning troopers that Montelongo was reaching under the floorboard.

"He's under the floorboard guys. Be careful. Be careful," the person in the DPS helicopter tells troopers on the ground.

Montelongo is eventually stopped on I-10 by a trooper who parked his vehicle to block highway traffic. The video shows Montelongo draw a weapon and shoot a trooper in the arm before another ground trooper returns fire and shoots Montelongo.

One trooper rushes to the other's aid, making a tourniquet on the official's gunshot wound on his right arm.

The wounded trooper was taken to University Hospital in the DPS helicopter and survived the shootout.

Montelongo died at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

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