Woman arrested after allegedly attacking ex-boyfriend's girlfriend with brass knuckles

Asia Harrison charged with aggravated assault with deadly weapon

SAN ANTONIO – A woman has been arrested and is facing charges for allegedly attacking her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend with brass knuckles.

According to police, Asia Harrison, 20, had stayed in contact with her ex-boyfriend after they broke up, but was told by his new girlfriend to leave him alone, which apparently set Harrison off.

The arrest affidavit states Harrison showed up to the couple's apartment complex, trying to fight the other woman. When the new girlfriend refused to fight her, Harrison's ex-boyfriend told police Harrison went to get something from her car and then came back with what appeared to be brass knuckles.

The ex-boyfriend said Harrison hit his girlfriend multiple times in the head until he finally took the weapon away from her and she took off.

Harrison is now being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.