Rackspace prioritizes giving back to community with volunteer initiatives

SAN ANTONIO – As Hunger Action Month comes to an end, the need for food donations still exists.

Donations and volunteers are always needed at the San Antonio Food Bank and Rackspace, a local cloud computing company, is leading the way in meeting those needs.

Rackspace's volunteer coordinator, J.L. Cruz, organizes volunteer opportunities for Rackspace employees. He said it's an "invaluable" feeling to help someone in need and see the effects of volunteering first hand.

"We draw from the community, so it's only appropriate that we give back," Cruz said.

The San Antonio Food Bank is one of the many places Rackspaces employees serve in their spare time. The barren shelves illustrate the critical need for food donations and the community's use of the service.

"It's a little sad to see that there (are) empty shelves," Cruz said. "That's what we are really going to work to (fix) together and get those shelved filled."

Rackspace's work with the food bank is just the beginning of their work to supply food-insecure families with a meal.

The company holds an annual Thanksgiving Holiday Drive that provides Thanksgiving meals to local families.

Rackspace Chief Security Officer Brian Kelley said it's one of his favorite events.

"You see that they are dancing in their cars along with our employees, and then you see others that, you know, maybe a tear in their eye, that are thankful that we are doing this," Kelley said. "(It) tugs at your heart a little bit."

The heartwarming reactions of those on the receiving end is what reminds Rackspace of the importance of giving back.

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