Community rallies behind Edgewood ISD police officer battling cancer

Since 1988, Rogena Reed has been working at Edgewood ISD, keeping student safe.

“After college, I decided to give my time to the community,” Reed said. 

Edgewood ISD Police Chief Jesse Quiroga said Reed is a pillar in the community.

“When people think of heroes, she is a true hero,” Quiroga said.

Quiroga said Reed has been helping students through tough times in their lives. He said she even changed his life, too. 

“While I was growing up here, Officer Reed was also a police officer, so I had the honor, the privilege and been blessed to be able to come back and work with one of my mentors,” Quiroga said. 

But these days, Reed is feeling sick and laying low. 

“I was feeling bad after one of the football games,” Reed said. 

As an athlete herself, she knew something was wrong. 

“Get to the point that I’m short of breath,” Reed said. 

In September, she found out she had lung cancer. 

“My dad had lung cancer, my brother,” Reed said. 

Her daily routine changed.

“Radiation five days a week and chemo once a week,” Reed said. 

What keeps her going is the community who has gathered to collect money for her. 

“They’ve been there for me and I’m blessed,” Reed said. 

Through these tough times Reed said the community has been there for her.

“I still get phone calls from them through my police phone. They are constantly calling me to ask if I need anything,” Reed said. 

Around her house, Reed has memories that she looks at every day. 

After working with Edgewood ISD for more than 30 years, Reed was recognized in 2017 by the state, with the alumni hall of fame award from the Edgewood Education of San Antonio.

This holiday season, Reed is thankful for many things, including her Edgewood ISD community, and she has a special message for them.

“That I love them and I’m going to fight this and I’ll be back,” Reed said. 

About the Author:

Tiffany Huertas is a reporter for KSAT 12 known for her in-depth storytelling and her involvement with the community.