Monte Vista estate serves as recovery house for pregnant women, mothers addicted to opioids

Casa Mia on North Main Street opened in December

SAN ANTONIO – Women struggling to get on back on track after battling heroin and other opioid addictions who are pregnant or have children up to 5 years old now have new place where they and their children can live throughout the recovery process.

Casa Mia, which is located on North Main Street in the Monte Vista neighborhood, is designed to make families feel at home while they heal.

"The babies are, they call it opioid withdrawal syndrome, so they're born with opioids in their systems. It's also called neonatal abstinence syndrome," said CEO Dr. Kevin Downey. "We (Bexar County) have the highest rate of neonatal abstinence syndrome of anywhere in the state of Texas."

Women and children who need the help can be referred to Casa Mia through Child Protective Services or the judicial system. They can also just show up.

Once accepted, they get beds, cribs and three catered meals a day. They also get job referral services and assistance finding permanent housing. 

How long residents stay there depends on how long it takes for them to recover.

"Typically 90 to 120 days, but if a person needed to stay (longer), we're not going to move them out until they're ready to go," Downey said. "We're staffed 24/7, so that if any issues come up, they can get professional help.”

Casa Mia is funded through state and private monies.

If you or someone you know can benefit from Casa Mia, call 210-632-4845 or drop by at 2321 N. Main St.


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