CPS Energy partnering with local firm to build solar carports around town

Go Smart Solar placing carports on Northeast Side

SAN ANTONIO – CPS Energy has partnered with Go Smart Solar, a local San Antonio firm, to operate community-owned solar power.

“We are building really large carports in very big parking lots around town and office parking lots,” Robert Miggins, CEO of Go Smart Solar, said.

Covered parking spaces will be constructed throughout the city. The project is known as Big Sun Community Solar.

“We build the carports somewhere else; we connect the carports to the CPS Energy grid,” Miggins said. “All of our customers who buy these panels, one or five or 20 that belong to them, they live over here in an apartment or a home.”

The company already has several locations where it will be placing the solar carports, including one on the Northeast side.

“It’s on Austin Highway near 410. We are covering 160 parking spaces,” Pittman said.

Go Smart Solar CEO Robert Miggins said it’s not just cost-effective, but clean.

“It’s also great for air quality, to the extent you are producing your electricity in a carport instead of burning coal, for instance, it improves the air quality of our city,” Miggins said.

If you are a CPS Energy customer and want to find a preliminary quote, click here.

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