9 years later and still no sign of Pauline Diaz

South Texas Crime Stories: Pauline Diaz

SAN ANTONIO – It's a case KSAT 12 has covered extensively since 2010: the disappearance of Pauline Diaz. 

Diaz's family is still searching for her and hoping that one day they will find her.

We take a look back at this case a week before what would be her 72nd birthday.

Dec. 7, 2010
This would be the last day anyone ever saw or spoke to Pauline Diaz.

The only thing is certain is that just after 2 p.m. Diaz was seen leaving work at the H-E-B on Southeast Military Drive and Goliad Road. 

According to Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt, Diaz was supposed to go to the home of her estranged husband, Pedro "Pete" Ruiz, to pick up a lawn mower. 

He later told to police that he did see her that day.

Police searched everywhere for Diaz, but she couldn't be found.

Her truck and her purse in it were later foud on Highway 181 and F.M. 320, which is down the street from where Ruiz lived. 

The investigation stalled when authorities couldn't find any more clues as to where Diaz was, and they didn't believe she ran away. 

Ruiz was considered a person of interest but was never charged, and he has always denied any involvement in her disappearance. 

Diaz's family desperately tried to find her. Searches continued and flyers were passed out. 

Eventually the family hired private investigator Charlie Parker to help solve this mystery.

Parker put forth a new theory.  

He told KSAT's Isis Romero that he believes Diaz made it back to her house after visiting Ruiz.

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Her shoes she wore that day were inside the home and had sand on them similar to that of sand found at Ruiz's house. 

He also thinks she was surprised at home by someone.

He noticed in photos from the home that her clothes were just thrown on the floor which was out of character for Diaz, who was orderly and clean.

Parker's investigation is still open and the main question as to what happened to Diaz still remains unanswered. 

June 25, 2018
Eight years later, authorities in Wilson County confirmed they were digging for the body of Diaz after cadaver dogs led them to a property where Diaz and Ruiz once lived. 

Ruiz had since sold the property.

During the dig, authorities only discovered what appeared to be a pig skull. 

9 Years Later
Diaz's family is still holding out hope she will one day be found.

On July 24, they plan on celebrating her 72nd birthday with a gathering at the H-E-B where she was last seen. 

The Diaz family says they want the public to know she is still missing and they haven't forgotten about her.

Currently there is a $25,000 reward for any information that could lead to her whereabouts or an arrest. 

If you have information, you can call Wilson County Crime Stoppers at 888-808-7894 or the Bexar County Sheriff's Office at 210-335-TIPS. 

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