San Antonio paid sick leave ordinance delayed until Dec. 1

Ordinance was orginally to go into effect Aug. 1

SAN ANTONIO – A paid sick leave ordinance that was scheduled to go into effect in San Antonio on Aug. 1 has been pushed back until Dec. 1.

The delay comes after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Friday intervened on behalf of 12 business organizations suing the city over the ordinance.

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Paxton said the city cannot legally enforce the ordinance.

"San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and other cities cannot be allowed to pass their own laws simply because they dislike state law or disagree with the judgment of the state's elected representatives," Paxton said. "The Legislature established the minimum amount of compensation for workers, and the Texas Constitution prohibits local municipalities from ignoring the Legislature's decision."

Deputy City Attorney Ed Guzman released the following statement regarding Paxton's intervention:

"Today, the City and opposing counsel submitted an agreed order for the Court's consideration to delay implementation of the paid sick leave ordinance until December 1, 2019. This additional time will allow us to continue working with the paid sick leave commission, committees and our stakeholders to refine the ordinance."

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