Texas woman impersonates officer on playground, threatens to arrest teens

Woman is now in jail, facing charges

FORT WORTH, Texas – Samantha Louise Eley, 38, was caught on video yelling at a group of teenage girls on Oct. 16 at Dream Park in Fort Worth.

Video shows Eley yelling, cursing and clapping at the teens, saying, "Well I'm a f****** PD, so get the f*** out of here now if you're not here to play as a child."

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Teens can be heard on the video questioning whether Eley is actually an officer, noting that she's not in uniform.

Eley threatens one teen, telling her she will arrest her as an adult.

Eley was arrested Monday on unrelated charges in connection with a bond violation relating to a family violence case, according to CNN.

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As of Wednesday, she is also being charged with impersonating a public servant.

Social media has dubbed Eley "Swing Set Susan."

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