Here are some Spring cleaning tips for revitalizing your home

Teamwork is key; start by coming up with a game plan and tackle 1 room at a time

Spring cleaning is a great way to get your home ready for guests, whether it be for Easter egg hunts or dinner parties. There are some simple things you can do to amp up your spring cleaning regimen.

“Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming, so start by coming up with a game plan. It can take days or weeks to clean your entire house thoroughly, so don’t try to do it all at once. Make a list of rooms and tackle one at a time, starting with the areas you see and use the most,” Mallory Micetich, home care expert at Angi said. “If you’re getting ready for a specific event, use it as a deadline and work backward to make sure everything is clean on time.”

Teamwork is key when it comes to spring cleaning. If you live with friends or family members, split up the tasks to lighten everyone’s load.

For example, adults can each deep clean their own rooms along with one shared space. Give kids simple tasks to help. Making it a game with rewards can encourage them to participate and stay focused.

“In each room, take stock of what you have and make toss, donate and discard piles for everything you don’t use anymore. Then, consider reorganizing the room. Moving furniture or rearranging decor can give any space a fresh look and feel. If you want to make major changes, now is a good time to think about what projects will work best in your space,” Micetich said.

Once the room is decluttered and reorganized, give it a thorough clean. Every room is different, so look around and assess the room before getting started. Depending on the room, you may need to vacuum, mop, dust or scrub all surfaces.

“A true deep spring cleaning only happens once a year, so remember to clean any areas that you usually skip over, like ceiling fans, baseboards and underneath your furniture. Make sure to move objects and clean under them instead of going around them. For example, now’s a good time to take all the books off your bookshelves and give your shelves a deep clean,” Micetich said.