Bridging decades: the strength of multi-generational living

A record 60 million Americans are now living under one roof with parents, grandkids

ORLANDO, Fla. – With the pressures of the pandemic, inflation, food costs, and lack of childcare, a record 60 million Americans are now living under one roof with their parents and grandkids.

The number has quadrupled since the 70′s and it’s expected to go even higher as the boomers age and become widowed.

Everyone under one roof leads to chaos, but there is one family making it all work.

Grandpa and grandma, their two daughters, and their two grandkids, the Baez family is a three-generation household. Six people living in a three thousand square foot, four-bedroom home.

“They drive me crazy, but it, but deep down inside, it’s, it’s wonderful,” says father and grandfather, George Baez.

“I like it because it brings us closer, compared to other people that I know,” said daughter, mother, and sister, Jessica Oviedo.

But at times, the closeness can lead to chaos.

“There’s a lot of clashing personalities,” Oviedo added.

Experts say there are ways to make it work. They say to set clear boundaries and respect each other’s personal space.

George and Naomi have a master bedroom downstairs, while their kids and grandkids share three bedrooms upstairs. Also, experts say it’s important to delegate responsibilities and establish a routine.

“We all actually eat at different times,” Baez said.

The most important factor is to communicate.

“I guess everyone kind of just takes their part with saying like what they don’t like,” Emily Baez, a daughter, sister, and aunt said.

At the end of the day, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The family agrees that being together and watching one another grow reaps all the benefits in the end.

“Learning to appreciate each other and speaking more to one another,” Oviedo said.

In the United States the percentage of multi-generational households was higher in Asian, African American, and Hispanic households.

In a U.S. poll of multi-generational households, 71% of people said the circumstances made it easier for one family member to continue in school or function in the workplace. It also allowed grandparents to serve as a role model for younger family members.