Caught on Camera: Awkward failed robbery at Atlanta nail salon

Despite his demands, people in the salon seemed unfazed

ATLANTA, Georgia – A man’s attempt to rob an Atlanta nail salon probably didn’t go quite as he imagined it would.

Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta released a video of his botched robbery attempt — and it’s awkward.

You can watch the video in the player at the top of the story.

The video shows the man walking into the salon with his hand inside a crossbody bag, gesturing like he has a weapon.

He yells, “Everybody get down. Give me all your money,” as the people in the salon just look at him, seemingly unfazed.

He continues to yell but nobody gets up or moves. A man at the register even answers a phone call as the attempted robber approaches him.

One woman does eventually stand up and backs toward the door. The man demands money from her and she responds, “I don’t have any money,” and walks out the door.

The man eventually walks out the door as well, making one last attempt to demand money from the woman outside.

When she refuses him a second time, he walks away defeated.

Even though he didn’t get away with any money, he could still be charged with a crime.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Atlanta-area Crime Stoppers by phone at 404-577-8477 or online.

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