VIDEO: Police officers hoof it while pursuing escaped animals

‘Just a couple of pigs chasing a pig,’ one officer quipped

Police in Kentucky were hamming it up on camera earlier this week while officers in Arizona chased down some bleating bandits.

Two police departments shared videos of some pretty funny animal pursuits this week. Want to watch videos of the shenanigans? Check them out in the media player at the top of this article.

Louisville Metro Police Department shared a video of officers chasing down a “potbelly bad boy ... running free as a bird,” on Thursday.

The officers received a call in reference to a “daggum pig” running around a neighborhood on June 29, LMPD officials said.

“Just a couple of pigs chasing a pig,” one of the officers can be heard joking in the video.

“We tried using a hobble as a leash but our new friend wasn’t having it. Neighbors even pitched in to help us with the chase! Everyone fell down, everyone laughed... ahhh, good times,” LMPD said in a Facebook post.

It’s a story with a happy ending — Mr. BaconBits was rounded up and sent home with his owners who showed up with a large dog crate.

Several days later, in a completely unrelated incident, officers from the Glendale Police Department were called to catch a pair of loose goats.

“This was not only a hazard to those commuting on the road but to the goats themselves. So our officers went out there and the chase was on,” GPD officials said. “After a couple of near misses, the goats were safely taken into custody and returned to their grateful owners.”

The video shows one of the officers hoofing it to catch an escaped goat and it turns out he actually has prior experience wrangling animals and helped apprehend a mule several weeks earlier.

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