Looking loudly: New viral trend helps parents find missing children

Method works as a PA system, spreading the information faster

ORLANDO, FLa. – More than two thousand children go missing every day in the United States for all types of reasons.

Whether it’s for more than a day or for less than five minutes, the terror that sets in for parents can be traumatizing, but a new viral trend is helping find kids in minutes.

A unique method is reuniting lost kids with their parents quicker than just frantically yelling their names.

It can happen at the playground, crowded shopping center, or even your neighborhood street. You turn away for one second and your child is nowhere to be found.

But a new method, called “Looking Loudly”, is helping to find kids in minutes. Looking Loudly works by yelling out their description.

Examples from viral TikTok suggest descriptions like “I’m looking for a boy! Age five, brown hair, brown eyes, Caucasian, red Nike t-shirt, black shorts, black shoes!”

Having other parents yell out the same thing can work like a PA system, spreading the information even faster. The method is working for mothers everywhere that lose their children in common and crowded places.

Experts suggest whenever going to large spaces with a lot of people, take a quick photo of your child and include their shoes.

Also, teach your toddlers your phone number. If they are unable to remember it, place a piece of paper with your contact information in their pocket or attach it to an easily accessible place on their clothing. It is also recommended to dress your child in bright colors, so they are easy to spot in a crowd.

If your child ever does become lost, educate them to ask for help from a security guard, police officer, an employee, or another adult that has children.

Most importantly, if your child is missing for even a minute, don’t quietly look. Start loudly looking immediately.