‘I got a backhoe and a lot of land’: SAPD detective suspended for pulling gun, threatening girlfriend and another man

Detective Kevin Landrum suspended 15 days after being given proposed 30-day suspension

John T. Floore's Country Store and Stetson Helotes. (Joshua Saunders, KSAT)

HELOTES, Texas – A veteran San Antonio Police Department detective has been suspended 15 days after sending threatening text messages to his girlfriend and then pulling out a gun outside of a Helotes dance hall last fall, discipline paperwork obtained by KSAT Investigates shows.

Detective Kevin Landrum was originally given a proposed 30-day suspension before it was shortened to 15 days late last month, records show.

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While attending a concert at John T. Floore’s Country Store last October in Helotes, Landrum saw his girlfriend arrive with another man, according to records.

During a brief exchange, Landrum told the man, “You don’t know who I am. You don’t know what I can do to you. You know, I have land. I got a backhoe and a lot of land,” discipline records state.

As Landrum later drove to Stetson Helotes, he texted his girlfriend, “I am dealing with that piece of (expletive) right now,” records show.

The girlfriend then informed the man that Landrum would follow him wherever he was going, according to records.

At the second dance hall, Landrum told the man he knew people who would take care of him before repeating the backhoe and land comment, records show.

“I’ve got something for you outside. I’ve got something for you in the truck,” Landrum told the man, according to records.

Once outside the dance hall, Landrum said, “I’m tired of this, like I’m tired of your games. What’s going to end up happening is I’m gonna end up killing you and shooting (the man),” records state.

Landrum then grabbed a handgun from the center console of his vehicle, and while holding it in both hands, walked between five and 10 feet toward the dance hall where the man was inside, according to records.

Credit card receipts obtained by SAPD showed Landrum purchased six Michelob Ultra beers and seven bourbon drinks at the first dance hall. Landrum purchased four whiskey drinks at the second dance hall, records state.

Both his girlfriend and the man told investigators Landrum appeared intoxicated during his interactions with them, according to records.

Landrum was suspended for rules violations involving proper conduct, behavior and being unfit to report for duty.

He is a 24-year veteran of SAPD, city human resources records show.

Landrum is scheduled to serve his suspension from June 23 to July 7, records show.

KSAT could find no record that Landrum was ever criminally charged. Helotes Police Department officials did not respond to an email from KSAT Thursday asking if the incidents prompted an investigation by their department.

Landrum’s suspension comes less than a year after two SAPD supervisors were suspended for their roles in a Helotes bar brawl.

Lt. Angel Castello was suspended 15 days after an internal affairs investigation determined he violated department rules on proper conduct and behavior.

Castello approached a fellow off-duty officer in a confrontational manner and had to be told by a Helotes police officer on scene to back up, discipline paperwork stated.

Sgt. Paul Rodriguez was suspended 20 days for rules violations, including acts showing a lack of good moral character.

Rodriguez was accused of striking a woman in the head during the brawl, breaking her glasses and knocking her to the ground, SAPD internal affairs paperwork and Helotes PD records showed.

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