See a questionable claim on social media? Share it with the Trust Index fact-checking team

Our trained fact-checkers review suspicious information and verify what’s true -- and what to avoid

Trust Index

“Is that accurate?” It’s a question we’re all asking about social media posts and online reports a lot these days.

The Trust Index team is here to help. Send an email at if you find something you would like fact-checked. Our team of trained fact-checkers reviews all submissions and responds with stories on TV, online or social media when possible.

In your email to, please include the following information:

  • What is your claim about? (ie. Local Issue, Elections, Politics, National/International News)
  • Where did you see the claim (ie. Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, Snapchat, Website)
  • Describe the claim in one sentence.
  • Tell us more about what you’d like verified.
  • Attach a screenshot of the claim (Not sure how to screenshot? Try here.)

Please include any other optional information as well, such as the best way to contact you beyond email.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!