Iconic Pearl Beer returns with new taste and look inspired by its San Antonio roots

Pearl Brewing relaunches Pearl xXx Beer; will be available at HEB on June 1

SA Spirits: Iconic beer with San Antonio has new look

SAN ANTONIO – For more than a century, Pearl Beer has been a part of San Antonio’s history. Now, the iconic brand is getting reborn.

“It's really been a process that's 134 years in the making. The brand has always been something that we've been excited to rebirth,” said Daniel Crawford, Pearl brand manager.

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The Pearl Brewing Company is relaunching its Gem of Fine Beer. The gem is a nod to the bubbles in the lager.

“The gem-like bubbles that look like little pearls within the glass, and it really was all about beauty. We thought this brand as a whole just had a huge opportunity to be re-birthed,” Crawford said.

(Pearl Beer - Courtesy of JoMondo Cruz)

The brand’s rebirth is rooted in San Antonio and re-imagined with a new look inspired by the growth of the city.

The company collaborated with Austin-based agency Guerilla Suit for the makeover.

Its new design is inspired by the original characteristics of the brand, including the famed triple Xs, which was the logo of the brewery before it was called Pearl.

“We really were excited by things like the triple Xs, that pre-prohibition signature of supreme craftsmanship that goes back to even medieval days,” said Crawford. “You really drive home that we're bringing it into a little bit more of a higher quality state.”

The original pearl script was given a small modern upgrade and the clam shell also is featured in the new design.

“The triple Xs live within that iconic clam shell that Pearl has been so well-known for,” said Crawford.

(Pearl Beer - Courtesy of JoMondo Cruz)

The Pearl xXx beer also has a new flavor with a mix of modern ingredients that give it a classic American lager taste.

It will be brewed at a craft facility in Hill Country with Czech Pilsen malt, caramel malt, a touch of wheat and citrus.

“At end of the day we wanted to still be a Texas easy drinking lager. It gets up to 100, 105 degrees here. We eat spicy food. We want something that goes down easy,” said Crawford.

The Pearl has always been an innovator in brewing in America. With this relaunch, the company hopes to add to its storied history.

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“We wanted to pay attention to some iconic Texas Southwestern design cues, some original equity from the brand, but give it that touch of modernity that really would make it be something timeless for the next 10 to 20, 30, 40 years,” said Crawford.

The new Pearl xXx beer is being sold in select locations across the state, including San Antonio. It will be readily available in H-E-B on June 1.

(Courtesy of JoMondo Cruz)

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