US Presidential Scholar Award recognizes local student

Alamo Heights HS graduate recognized with highest academic honor

SAN ANTONIOAlamo Heights High School continues to celebrate the accomplishments of this year’s graduating class.

One of their top students is making headlines for their academic achievement and involvement in the school as well as in the community.

Christopher Lloyd is ranked second in his graduating class and has also made the exclusive list for one of the highest academic honors in the nation.

In between classes and homework, he makes time for extracurricular activities. He’s a member of several organizations including the National Honor Society, Young Engineers and the Alamo Heights Rocketry Club.

“This high school has given me the most incredible education, and beyond that, skills that I might not have learned anywhere else (such as) the ability to communicate (and) solve problems,” Lloyd said.

During the fall of his senior year, Lloyd dedicated most of his time wrapping up his college applications to a total of 13 universities. Just when he thought he was done with filling out forms, he received an email.

“They sent out an email telling me that I was nominated for the U.S. Presidential Scholar Award,” Lloyd said. The Alamo Heights senior had to submit five essays. “During the application process, there was one moment of doubt where I was like, ‘Do I really want to do this?’ But I was happy I did.”

Time went by and the the first response came from his dream college.

Alamo Heights High School - Great Graduates 2020

“I’m going to Duke University next year to the School of Engineering for biomedical engineering,” Lloyd said.

Just a few weeks ago, results were announced for the prestigious award. Lloyd is one of 161 students in the nation and one of four Texans to receive the U.S. Presidential Scholar Award this year.

“It was really nice knowing that I'd won this award because all of the work that I've put in the last four years could be recognized,” Lloyd said. “I'm really thankful that I got the opportunity to apply for such a prestigious award and to know that it's one of the highest honors in our nation, educationally, is really fulfilling.”

The Great Graduate admits the process was challenging at times and said it’s his passion and knowledge in science and engineering that set him apart.

“My grandfather is really one of the ones who inspired me to take that career choice. He was sick a couple years back and I really liked the way his doctors focused on personalizing his medicine,” Lloyd said. His grandfather passed away after battling stage four glioblastoma, but Lloyd and his family said he’d be proud of this full circle moment.

“He left me with tremendous motivation to work harder in school and really focus on my education and what I could get out of it,” Lloyd said.

On June 2, Lloyd received his high school diploma, and said he’s eager for his future at Duke.

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