Woman encourages people to register to vote during protests

More protestors are registering to vote, according to volunteer deputy registrar

San Antonio – While protestors gathered at the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office to demand that the DA reopen three cases in which three men were shot by San Antonio police, one woman took the opportunity to get people registered to vote.

Bexar County DA explains reasons for not reopening SAPD shooting cases

Valerie Reiffert, a volunteer deputy registrar, has been attending protests doing that very thing.

“Since the first protest Saturday to today, we have about 300 people registered to vote,” Reiffert said.

She said the need for people to vote is crucial.

“Out of the 70% of registered voters in San Antonio, only 22% showed up last time, so we really need voters to show up and show out at the polls.”

Reiffert said her biggest motivation for doing what she does stems from being tired of the injustices that have happened.

“If you don't feel like Black Lives Matter, and if you feel like all lives matter, then you should be angry too,” Reiffert said. “You should be really upset about black people being treated so poorly for so long.”

She added that the only way change could happen is if people make their voices heard through their votes.

“It is more important now than ever because if we want to see real, actionable change. We have to start with the people locally who are making decisions for our everyday life,” Reiffert said. “There is a reason why people fought so hard to keep us from voting. People have literally died for people’s right to vote. If we have people who do not believe in an anti-racism future, then they need to get out.

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