Family demands answers from local hospital after loved one vanishes following release

Family says Renaldo Sharkey found 13 miles from hospital

SAN ANTONIO – The family of 55-year-old Renaldo Sharkey is relieved after they reported him missing Wednesday and was found the next day, but they have been unable to see him while he’s under observation at Metropolitan Methodist Hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The family feared Sharkey would not be found alive.

“I thought we were going to find him, honestly, in the wooded area next to the hospital dead in his wheelchair,” said Miranda Garland, his daughter-in-law.

Garland said Sharkey was admitted to Northeast Baptist Hospital on Wednesday afternoon after he experienced a seizure. She said the hospital notified the family they were prepared to release him. However, when they arrived at the hospital to pick him up, they learned he had already left in his wheelchair.

“His nurse said that he was competent enough to leave on his own. He seemed like he was fine, so she just let him go,” Garland said.

Garland didn’t believe the story. She said Sharkey suffers from aphasia, a disorder that makes it difficult for him to communicate.

The family then filed a missing person’s report with the Bexar County’s Sheriff’s Office.

By Thursday afternoon, the family received the call they had hoped for, but they began to raise questions.

“It wasn’t really a relief. It was just like that’s cool, but what’s next now? Does he have more deficits?” said Garland.

Sharkey was taken to Metropolitan Methodist Hospital, but his son, Rakim Sharkey, knew something was wrong.

“He looked like he was really sore, like he was in pain. Something didn’t seem right,” Rakim Sharkey said.

Rakim Sharkey said he was informed that his father was found lying on the side of his wheelchair at Travis Park, which is 13 miles away from Northeast Baptist Hospital.

“Why would you all find him there out of anywhere? How did he even get there?” Rakim Sharkey questioned.

Rakim Sharkey and his family are happy to have their loved one back, but he said they are now living with a broken sense of security.

“I feel like we’re not the only ones. Something strange is going on there.”

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