San Antonio hospital system, city leaders urge residents to skip large gatherings, follow CDC guidelines

Woman, 24, shares her experience with COVID-19

SAN ANTONIO – Nicole Miranda, 24, is quarantined after recently finding out she tested positive for COVID-19.

“I couldn’t breathe for like a second because my congestion, and then at night, I got night sweats, and my eyes were burning,” Miranda said.

Miranda said she is taking extra precautions at home since she lives with her parents. She said she does not know where she contracted the coronavirus.

“Just wear your mask, wash your hands. It does happen, you can get it,” Miranda said.

On Thursday afternoon, local hospital leaders asked the community to do its part as hospitals inch closer to reaching capacity.

“Please, please, please wear a mask,” said Matthew Stone, CEO of Baptist Health System.

Allen Harrison, with Methodist Health Care System, said two weeks ago, they had 75 positive COVID-19 patients, and on Thursday, they were at 343.

“Some people tell you it’s just like the flu, except its 50 times more likely to kill you than the flu is,” Harrison said.

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