Do you plan to send your child to school in August?

Parents must decide between in-class instruction, remote learning

Union: Teachers feel return to classroom is unsafe

SAN ANTONIO – Now that the Texas Education Agency has released its guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus for the 2020-2021 school year, parents and guardians have a big decision to make: Whether to send their child to school or stay at home and learn remotely.

And when that decision is made, it may be set in stone.

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According to the nine-page guide TEA released Tuesday, parents and guardians may not be able to switch to a different type of learning setting from one day to the other, or even from one week to another. They may have to wait until the end of the grading period to do so.

“Any parent may request that their student be offered virtual instruction from any school system that offers such instruction. If a parent who chooses virtual instruction wants their child to switch to an on-campus instructional setting, they can do so, but school systems are permitted to limit these transitions to occur only at the end of a grading period, if it will be beneficial to the student’s instructional quality. If a parent requests virtual instruction and the school does not offer it, the parent may enroll in another school that does offer it for transfer students,” the guide said.

Masks will be mandatory in many Texas schools when they reopen this fall, TEA says

You can read the TEA guidelines below and then scroll down to vote in our poll:

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