Big Red-flavored beer from San Antonio brewery sells out in 3 minutes

You won’t have to wait long for another shot at getting some

"Big Rojo" by Islla Street Brewing. (Islla Street Brewing)

SAN ANTONIO – That Big Red-flavored beer you’ve heard so much about is officially sold out - for now.

If you weren’t online ordering Big Rojo right at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday you’re out of luck because Islla St. Brewing sold out of their Big Rojo craft beer in three minutes.

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The good news is you won’t have to wait long for another shot at getting some of the good stuff.

“We’ll be back with another [round] next week! And the week after that... and after that,” according to a Facebook post from Islla St. Brewing.

Your Questions Answered: ‘What flavor is Big Red and why do they not offer it in every state?’

Thanks to everyone who jumped on this gotta round! We’ll be back with another next week! and the week after that... and...

Posted by Islla St. Brewing on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Big Rojo originally started out as a beer for brewery members but someone shared it on social media and the idea skyrocketed.

“We’ve had 26 states reach out to us,” head brewer Joaquin Pena told KSAT’s David Elder.

A post from the brewery said as production ramps up there will be larger package sizes available in bigger limits at a lower price point. The offering that sold out today was two 16-ounce cans for $18.

“We are working hard to bring larger amounts of this to you soon and with several partners to move this beer into different areas, we will update everyone as the ball moves,” according to a Facebook post.

The brewery is located at 11911 Crosswinds Way in San Antonio.

Now the real question is.... who’s got the barbacoa tacos to go with it?

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