Classroom Confessionals: How San Antonio-area parents, educators feel about sending kids to classrooms

'The greatest experiment of all time'

SAN ANTONIO – With so many concerns about the pandemic and what the safest ways are to move forward with education for the upcoming school year, KSAT asked parents, educators and students to weigh in.

The viewer responses came as fast as recent adjustments to protocol and schedules by the state, school districts and superintendents.

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We’ve laid out some of them so far below, but we’re not done listening. If you want to weigh in, you can do so below the responses in the prompt. Find more background information about where things stand currently and find the latest education news in our back to school section.

“I honestly don’t feel safe sending my children to school with this horrible pandemic. My children are all asthmatics. This is real.”


“Returning to school during a pandemic is an awful idea. How is it that school wasn’t okay in the beginning but it’s okay now?”


“My thoughts are conflicting as I prefer my child to go back to school I’m scared Also what about the working parents that need to work?”


“If schools require up to date immunizations to return, how can they consider returning during a pandemic outbreak with no vaccine?”

M. Flores

“I’m concerned that my 1st grader will not be able to follow the masking and social distancing guidelines set forth by the governor.”


“Parent of 5 and we all contracted the virus showing little to no symptoms. How many other families/children are infected and aren’t aware?!”


“I’m concerned about my first grade daughter falling even further behind in school and the synchronous learning [that will be required of teachers].”


“Who will be paying teachers who are required to quarantine due to an exposure in class? One occurrence could wipe out any/all accrued leave.”


"I am a special education teacher in the elementary school setting. I am not worried about returning to school.”


“I believe that sending our students back to school in-person and attempting to play sports is the greatest experiment of all time.”


“If we cannot open everything, we have no business opening schools.”


“I think SAISD district should let kids do google classroom again that way the teachers could send classwork for the kids to stay home safe.”


“I think they should consider outdoor learning...of course with lest students and just the main courses. Math, reading, writing. For now.”


“I am a mother of a teacher and this is now a dangerous job!”


“Unreal to expect a 4 yr old to keep social distance & wear a mask. It’s a struggle for older grandkids to keep a mask on for an entire day.”


“My child has asthma and I fear for his health. Allowing children to return to school amid this pandemic is only putting them at risk.”


“Well for single parents like me it is hard to pay for childcare, on top of rent and utilities every month.”


“I dont feel safe sending my kids to school and how do we know they will follow CDC guidelines and make sure our kids are staying safe.”


“It’s too early to return. We can’t use our children as Pawns to feel out the epidemic. We need to take this slow so we can observe Covid19″


“With too many unanswered questions and unknown variable, not going back to the buildings is the best solution for students and staff alike.”


“Who will be held accountable for endangering the lives of teachers and staff due to irresponsible individuals that will spread the virus?”


“For special needs kids that receive therapies in the classroom and adaptive learning, online instruction is not very useful.”


“One of the problems is that the kids will catch it and take it home to their parents, grandparents, also expose the staff at schools.”


“I am an educator and a parent. It is selfish to reopen. We need parents to be parents now more than ever and step up to protect our children.”


“We are grandparents raising grandkids. These kids will NOT return to a classroom setting this year!”


“No, not safe. As a teacher, I know schools are not made for social distancing, are historically underfunded, and many staff are at risk.”


“I hope schools will spend more time actually teaching students online. One Zoom session per week (elementary level) was not enough!”


“HS Teacher here. We need to get back to school - this virus isn’t gonna go away, we can’t stay locked up forever. We should have a choice.”


“My wife is an elementary school teacher and we have teenage daughters and I am concerned about all of their safety.”


“I don’t see any guidelines or anything about children with special needs. What will be the guidelines for return to campus for them?”


“I am a 3rd grade teacher, and this will be my 12th year teaching. I am anxious to get back to the classroom virtually or in-classroom.”


“My wife is a 2nd grade teacher at a local catholic school and they are not following the mandates set in place. I fear for her safety. Help!”


“As a middle school parent, I can’t see risking my child, or any others child’s life. They can catch up later if need be.”


We may publish your thoughts on our website or feature them on our newscasts, but you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Background: San Antonio-area schools aren’t allowed to reopen for face-to-face instruction until after September due to safety concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

With most local schools set to start the academic year in August, it’s left districts, teachers and parents wondering how to keep kids and educators safe while still providing the best possible learning situation.

A directive from the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District sent July 17 says Bexar County students will have access to learning materials virtually but no in-person instruction or extra-curricular activities, including athletics, will be allowed until at least Sept. 7.

On July 21, the University Interscholastic League announced that schools, based on size, will have delayed athletics practice and competitions. Schools in the Class 1A - 4A bracket will restart practices on August 3, while Class 5A and 6A schools begin on September 7.

Under the TEA guidance, schools are required to comply with the governor’s mask order. Anyone who is exhibiting symptoms of the virus or has a lab-confirmed test must stay home throughout the infection period and cannot return until symptoms have improved and at least three days have passed since recovery, according to the guidance.

We may publish your thoughts on our website or feature them on our newscasts, but you can remain anonymous if you wish.

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