Criminal felony case court backlog up nearly 60% in Bexar County, judge says

Caseload swelled to 8,975 this week

SAN ANTONIO – The number of criminal felony cases backlogged in Bexar County has swelled to 8,975 this week, according to Local Administrative Judge Ron Rangel.

When a moratorium on jury service was ordered on March 13, jury trials in all 10 Bexar County criminal district courts were halted. At that time, there was a backlog of 5,519 felony cases.

“That increase, with the indicted cases, represents close to a 60% increase since COVID (pandemic) began”, Rangel said.

When asked whether he was concerned about possible speedy trial issues, he said, “That’s certainly a consideration. One of the most significant considerations, obviously, would be the COVID pandemic.”

The Civil Court system is preparing to conduct a virtual jury trial next week. Rangel said that at some point, that could be considered in criminal courts. His priority, however, is to get in-person jury trials started.

“When we get started, probably post-pandemic, with jury trials, we’re gonna be trying cases at a very fast clip,” he said. “Probably a rocket docket for a significant period of time.”

In all likelihood, Rangel added, that will not be until after the first of next year.

About the Authors:

Paul Venema is a courthouse reporter for KSAT with more than 25 years experience in the role.

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