What Democrats need to accomplish for a successful convention, according to UTSA professor

Party unity, revealing solid plan for America's future among things Democrats must do

SAN ANTONIO – The Democrats will be on center stage this week as they argue why their party should win in the November election during the Democratic National Convention.

Sharon Navarro, a political science professor at UTSA, said that Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, must do five things “to translate into a win in November.”

Navarro said Biden needs to draw people in from the progressive side, build on the momentum that Kamala Harris, his vice presidential pick, has created, have a solid plan for America’s recovery, create unity among the Democratic party and unravel “Trump’s failed leadership.”

Navarro said she has two concerns for the Democratic party during the DNC -- unity and the taped speeches.

“Are the progressive speakers going to be powerful enough to make progressive electorate and voters confide in Biden on election night? The second is, are these taped speeches, these taped performances going to be enough to generate the excitement that is necessary for the 75-day sprint or so to election night,” she said.

You can watch Navarro’s full interview in the player above.

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