Edison High School student lifts shirt up, makes sexual advances at teacher during virtual class

Chaos breaks out in front of more than 12 students during art class held on Zoom

SAN ANTONIO – Some Edison High School students were witnesses to a disturbing incident during a virtual art class Tuesday.

During a class held on Zoom between a teacher and more than a dozen students, you can hear chaos break out during what appears to show at least one freshman make sexual gestures at the teacher while lifting his shirt up.

”I was furious. I was so upset. And I know he was upset,” said Mariana Rodriguez, whose son, Eduardo Corpus, was in the virtual class and witnessed the incident that he says involved several students.

”They were pulling their shirts off and saying, like, really disgusting stuff to the teacher, making her feel uncomfortable,” Corpus said.

In the recording, you can hear what appears to be a student saying “Why you so sexy Ms” followed by the student saying he would perform a sexual act on her.

Corpus, an 11th grader, said the class is comprised of students from different grade levels. He said he hasn’t met some of the students, including the one who lifted his shirt up.

Corpus said the imagery the student displayed will be hard to forget.

”I just don’t understand what goes through the kid’s heads, you know? Like what? What are they thinking when they do that?” Corpus said.

Rodriguez said she understands that it may be hard for kids to stay focused during a virtual class.

Zoom meetings can be done anywhere with endless possibilities of distractions, but she hopes parents will urge their kids to think about how hard it must be for the teachers.

”They have about 24 to 30 students in one classroom and they have four periods daily,” Rodriguez said.

The San Antonio Independent School District released the following statement regarding the incident:

“We are looking into this and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Even with remote learning, we are following the SAISD student code of conduct, which has policies in place to promote and maintain a positive, safe and effective learning environment for students and adults,” the statement said.

Rodriguez thinks making the parents pay a fine for their child’s disruptive behavior could help prevent similar incidents.

”If they get fined for every single time that a child does these kind of things, believe me, their bill is going to be pretty high, and someone’s going to be parenting differently,” Rodriguez said.

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