KSAT viewers share the positive things that happened to them in 2020

Take a mental break and read some uplifting news

Smile (KSAT 2020)

SAN ANTONIO – 2020 has been a dark year for most of us. We’ve struggled to stay connected and a study this summer showed that nearly a third of Americans reported anxiety and depression due to the pandemic.

But we wanted to focus on the bright spots and highlight the GOOD things that have happened to KSAT viewers so we asked on our social media platforms for you to share your positive news with us.

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Below were some of our favorite responses, but we still want to hear from you! Let us know your good news in the comments below and we’ll celebrate with you. :)

I just hit 20 years in the Marine Corps!

mendiola_james on Instagram

My wife and I successfully planted a vegetable garden. We are zucchini, jalapeños, tomatoes, green beans, and bell peppers. My YouTube channel saw a spike in views during the pandemic. I anticipate hitting one million views by end of year.

Kevin Carpenter on Facebook

I fell in love 😍 with an amazing guy:) beyond blessed and happy to begin a new chapter in my life-

47 years old raised two boys (single mom) oldest graduated from college and the other is a freshman at USAFA:)

xcknightmom I on Instagram

My brother-in-law and a search team found a lost 83 year old hunter in Idaho!!

Suzie Simpson on Facebook

Started eating dinner together. Sitting at the table. No school activities and no where to be but together ❤️

lisa_prn_smile on Instagram

Benched 315lbs

bigkingwill on Instagram

Had my 3rd child in April, in the midst of all this crap... But Im loving every min of my quarantine baby 👼

Michelle Velarde on Facebook

I have woken up everyday..tomorrow is not promised

Ruby Ann Sauceda on Facebook

I was promoted a month ago.

dominic.burrola on Instagram

I gave birth to my best friend

lil’ momma on Twitter

We’re bringing home a new puppy Saturday!!

Shellie Wong on Facebook

I woke up this morning God gave me another chance to live 🙌

d92hernandez on Instagram

We got our approval letter for our adoption on September 29th which was my birthday. 3 companies have said yes to sponsoring part of our adoption. Our home study is approved as well. Now we have fundraising to do...

grow_the_love_ on Instagram

My husband and I had our 25th wedding anniversary in August, and I decorated a decent looking cake to celebrate it.

Francesca Harris on Facebook

Lost a lot of weight working from home. No fast food for lunch!

Julie Nelson Peterson on Facebook

Learned to cut my hair (clippers), getting better and better each time at least in my opinion. It’s a big deal to me. Only other human being to ever cut my hair has been my mom but could not risk her health during lockdown.

j.....on Twitter

Got out my sewing machine & rediscovered why I loved to sew.

sonnenpam on Instagram

Starting a blog so I can work from home!

Darla Daily on Facebook

Well me and best friend are closer than ever before and I am so blessed to have our relationship blossom

j_.jayden on Instagram


esmith171l on Instagram

I became a grandmother for the second time in Feb. Went to Staten Island N.Y. to welcome our first granddaughter Julie Violet and got to hang out with 1st grandson Roman Paul. Memorable 2020

sheilamontoya82 on Instagram

There’s two NFL games on today 🙌🏽🙌🏽

itsgilbertagain on Instagram

1 grading period down, 3 to go, and maybe our district will get rid of Schoology.

carlost99 on Instagram

Surprising my girlfriend Mj for her birthday! Having Mj at my birthday party on my birthday and also Doing some selfie’s with Mj my girlfriend!

ramirezj0911 on Facebook

God showed me the value of life

woebegone_watermelon101 on Instagram

299,800,000 are alive in the United States of America today!!!

Ricki-Sue Hines Clark on Instagram

I still have medicine 🌱 💨 ☮️

Sibylline Blackwood on Facebook

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