‘Flu is still out there’: Not a typical flu season, but cases have been reported in Bexar County

The latest on flu season

SAN ANTONIO – Usually, during this time of year, we are reporting many flu cases, but this year, like all of 2020, is different.

“We’ve actually seen very little flu this year compared to previous years,” Metro Health chief of epidemiology Rita Espinoza said.

Some factors for lower numbers than usual are people wearing face masks, social distancing, staying home when sick, and traveling less.

But despite lower numbers, Espinoza does confirm there are cases in Bexar County and that the flu should still be taken seriously. Another thing to realize is that it is possible to get COVID-19 and the flu at the same time, health experts say.

“With our hospitals seeing more patients being hospitalized due to COVID, we really don’t need to further impact that by seeing hospitalizations with flu as well,” Espinoza said. “We still encourage individuals to take precautions.”

Metro Health advises that people should stay diligent about taking precautions and should get their flu shot. The shot is widely available and it’s not too late in the season to get it.


Don’t skip your flu shot during the pandemic

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