View rare video of beluga whale in utero from SeaWorld San Antonio

Check out Luna’s baby calf in sonogram from SeaWorld

SAN ANTONIO – We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of sonogram pictures before, but have you ever seen one of a beluga whale?

New footage released by SeaWorld San Antonio shows one of the park’s beluga whales, Luna, and her baby to be.

In the video, you can clearly see the baby whale’s head, eyes and mouth.

According to park officials, the staff at SeaWorld San Antonio conduct husbandry training with animals as part of conservation efforts.

“Through this specialized training, beluga whales are taught to rest comfortably and hold still so they can be examined by our veterinarians,” SeaWorld San Antonio said in a statement. “This recently allowed the veterinary team to view an amazingly clear sonogram of a beluga whale fetus in utero!”

The park said team members are providing “around the clock care” for Luna in anticipation of her calf’s birth.

The gestational period for beluga whales is between 14 and 15 months.

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