Constant changes to environmental laws can have a negative impact on environment, UTSA professor says

Federal government needs to invest more in long-term studies

SAN ANTONIO – In his first week and a half in office president Joe Biden has dedicated plenty of attention to reinstating environmental regulations that the Trump administration had previously rolled back.

The president also signed several executive orders, committing the United States to fight climate change more aggressively.

Over four years, the Trump administration rolled back more than 112 environmental rules. Many environmental organizations have said the quick changes can have a negative impact on the environment.

In San Antonio, Dr. Saugata Datta at UTSA new Institute of Research, Sustainability and Policy said there needs to be more time given to studying regulation changes. The environment constantly seeks a state of equilibrium and will react accordingly, Dr. Datta said.

Despite the continual changes, Dr. Datta said we are fortunate to live in South Texas, where many environmental changes are noticeable.

Scientists and lawmakers in the region can work together to properly study the impacts to our ecosystem. However, the federal government needs to invest more in long-term studies, so places like this can accurately gather data, Dr. Datta said.

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