Pedestrian deaths from motor vehicles on the rise in San Antonio, leaders say

City officials address pedestrian un-friendly roads on West Side

SAN ANTONIO – As a result of an increase in pedestrian deaths from motor vehicles, city leaders have geared their focus to a specific area of San Antonio.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg said on Sunday that the West Side is an area they are paying extra attention to, as it has developed an upward trend in the most severe auto-pedestrian issues.

District 7 Councilwoman Ana Sandoval said the city was not designed to keep pedestrians in mind. The goal moving forward is to re-think the design while incorporating the pedestrian experience.

Sandoval classifies Culebra Road as one of the deadliest roadways in San Antonio for pedestrians. Weather conditions, carrying groceries, and being in a wheelchair make for some of the reasons pedestrians chose not to take designated crosswalks.

Sandoval said it will take more than just adding crossover bridges and crosswalks to ensure safety.

“Number one, I would say we need smart roadway design. What we have right now is, again, not built for people. It’s built for cars. Number two, we need wider sidewalks for people. We need plenty of lighting. We need it designed for four people. But on top of that, I think we as the designers also need to understand that pedestrian experience,” Sandoval said.

Nirenberg recently signed an initiative with the U.S. Conference of Mayors to prioritize safety and the Biden Administration’s infrastructure plan.

Currently, the roadway is under review, and Sandoval said she hopes the next bond project cycle will allow them to make massive infrastructure improvements.

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