New Family Tapestry adoption portal giving Bexar County foster kids a voice

Texas Adoption Portal launched to give potential families the chance to get to know kids awaiting adoption.

SAN ANTONIO – Right now in Bexar County, more than 200 kids are waiting to be adopted.

Family Tapestry has launched a new website hoping to make the process easier for potential families and also as a way for the kids to share their own stories.

Texas Adoption Portal or TAP launched last month and features a profile page for every kid with what they are interested in, details about their personalities as well as information about their needs.

“It’s not just about featuring them,” chief public relations officer for Family Tapestry and The Children’s Shelter Anai Biera Miracle said. “They always should be featured in a way that’s very positive, but also understanding that every child’s needs have to be addressed.”

The site also gives those interested in adoption a direct way to inquire about a child.

Just to be clear, there isn’t an exact model for adoption as each case and timeframe is different.

Family Tapestry is hoping the portal makes it easier for potential families to step up and give some of these kids a forever home.


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